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Our Vision

Congratulations on your decision to add an Aquatic system to your home or office.  You can trust that your first decision to contact Dream Marine Aquarium Services will result in the Dream Aquarium System that you have always wanted. Quality professional Aquarium maintenance service and installation comes direct to you.  Since 1989 we have been building custom Aquariums and installing them all over New England (more) .  Now that you have decided to seek out your Dream Aquarium, the decisions have just begun.  The size of the system, color, location, layout are all considerations that must be made to ensure your purchase is a successful one.  There is a wealth of information and choices available and we can help you stream line the process. We specialize in the installation of Aquatic systems in commercial, residential and educational settings.  By setting up a consultation visit we can explain all the options available to you, saving you the confusion and making your project meet your deadline on time and budget.  Dream Marine Aquarium Services will work directly with your architect or contractor to make your Aquarium system a smooth transition from conception to completion.

Our Business

Whether you are a collector, a marine biologist, or simply an aquarium enthusiast. Dream Marine Aquarium Services offers services for everyone. Browse our collection or enjoy viewing our special exhibitions. Let Dream Marine Aquarium Services satisfy all of your aquarium needs. Products and materials are available for purchase for both the seasoned collector and the first time buyer. Uncertain of how to pick the tank that best fits your needs? Let our experienced sales associates assist you.

Interested in custom building your aquarium?  Contact our gallery manager to set up a consultation. Please be prepared to explain your needs,  including the size, space, and inspiration of the work in question.  Our associates will help determine the cost of your project, as well as help identify all of your options.

We encourage you to visit us in person to see the most  New Hampshire has to offer. However, we also welcome you to browse our website gallery.

We hope to see you soon!

Who We Are

Dream Marine Aquarium Services is not a retail store. We are an Aquarium service provider, focused on services that you just can not find at large chain “pet stores“. 

Every Aquarium system that we install is custom designed for our customers exact needs.  We honor your privacy, value your business and will not share your contact information with outside sources. 

We look forward to “Dreaming up” your Aquatic system with you.  Contact us today for a consultation!

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