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Dream Marine Aquarium Services is proud to announce that our service van has gone GREEN.  We drive over 1,000 miles each week, so we feel that it is very important to reduce our impact on the environment.  We've decided to use Bio-Diesel technology.

This decision was inspired from a trip to Maui in 2005, when we saw a Mercedez Sprinter Van fueled by bio-diesel.  We realized the harmony that the native Hawaiin people shared with their environment.  The people nurture and care for their part of the world.  

After careful research, I learned the benefits of switching conventional diesel for Bio-Diesel.  This renewable resource is more efficient, while also reduces greenhouse gases.  It also reduces soot, which is carcinogenic, up to 80%. 

The greatest threat to coral reefs at the present time is the increase in sea-surface temperature.  Many scientists agree this phenomenon is caused by man's obsessive use of fossil fuels.  By reducing the amount of fossil fuels we use, we can reduce our negative impact on the global warming situation. 

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