Dream Marine Aquarium Services provides design and fabrication services for custom aquariums.  From glass to acrylic, we can find the best materials to suit your needs.  We will also install and maintain your tank and provide outstanding service.  Contact us today to see how we may fit your aquarium needs:  603-759-1639.

We are happy to offer a variety of services. Here's a quick overview of our most popular:

  • Installation of new or existent aquarium systems.
    • Maintenance of commercial aquatic life support systems for the commercial aqua-culture foods businesses and restaurants.
    • Movie and commercial projects.
    • Move aquariums for homeowners or businesses moving with livestock as needed.  *We even house fish while you're away or ship your specimens worldwide if necessary.  Complete bagging and boxing available.
    • Scheduled vacation visits to clean or check your aquariums.
    • Service and replace filters, piping, pumps, sumps, aquariums, and all their related components for smooth reliable operation.
    • Design custom aquarium systems, from the drawing board to completion.
    • Install aquarium packages from retail aquarium or pet stores for their client's every need.
    • Design, build, install aquatic systems for retail pet store establishments, whether existing stores or future store projects. (Certified Marineland Aquarium Retail System Service Technician)
    • Museum-quality display cases, displays for tradeshows, or prototype acrylic work available.
    • Certified trade plumber and electrician available to install services.
    • Engineering services available for design and blueprints.
    • Interior decorating specialists available (including Feng Shui).
    • We work with architects on commercial projects, as well as general contractors, subcontractors, and Master finish carpenters for custom cabinetry.
    • Custom water features available: water walls, zero-edge pools, under the floor aquariums, walkway aquariums, and indoor/outdoor ponds.
    • We design, service, install ponds, water gardens, waterfalls, and streams.

Got sick fish?
We have access to 2 local veterinary clinics for work-ups and tests.  Procedures performed in Fishlab with treatments not available at most stores. A Doctor in exotic pet medicine is on-board as a consultant for help.

There is always something new and exicting coming along! If you need a service custom-tailored to suit your needs, feel free to Contact us to find exactly what you need.

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